Sanitary and HVAC supplies and fittings

DUCO is the brand name used by PenTec BV for sanitary and HVAC supplies and fittings both in the Netherlands and throughout the world. PenTec BV was founded in 1985 and is located in Woerden (The Netherlands). The company develops, manufactures, assembles and sells safety fittings for the HVAC market in Europe and is a key player in the Dutch market. We supply importers, wholesalers and the OEM market in Europe.

PenTec BV is ISO 9001 certified. The DUCO safety valves, DUCO boiler/expansion valves, DUCO Solar valves and DUCO boiler safety groups are all CE certified to NEN-EN1488, NEN-EN4126-1 and NEN-EN1491 standards.